Introduction to Coach Accreditation Pathway

Once you have completed an SCCP session you might consider moving into the Softball Australia coach accreditation pathway and gain full accreditation as a softball coach. You can receive recognition of current competence for elements of the SCCP session to assist in attaining your Level 1, but you must complete the Australian Sports Commission’s General Principles of Coaching online, which can be found at

The six accredited levels of coaching are:

  • (Softball Community Coaching Program – Introduction to Coaching certification)
  • Level 1 FUNdamentals of Softball – Parents and Teachers
  • Level 2 Training to Train – Club/Association Junior
  • Level 3 Training to Compete – Club/Association
  • Level 4 Training to Win – State/Nationals
  • Level 5 Advanced Performance – State/National
  • Level 6 High Performance – National/International

Overview of coach accreditation

Softball, like most sports has a reputable coach education and accreditation program. Whether you are a coach, teacher, parent or a volunteer providing an opportunity for young people to play Softball, Softball Australia's coaching program will assist you to provide the best environment and progression to ensure lifelong participation in the sport.

Level 1 - FUNdamentalsOF SOFTBALL – is designed to introduce softball coaching to the beginner coach and provides participants with the expertise required to coach fundamental softball skills to beginner players (eg school and junior levels) in a fun, safe and well structured environment.

Level 2 - TRAINING TO TRAIN - provides the coach with the knowledge and skills to plan, organise, conduct and review effective training sessions, and prepare weekly and monthly plans that cater for the individual needs of club players at junior levels. The program focusses on consolidating the coaching of fundamental softball skills and introducing further basic skills, tactics and positional play. Competition is introduced but the focus is on developing the basics.

Level 3 - TRAINING TO COMPETE - provides the coach with the knowledge and skills to teach club/senior players the finer points of playing softball in competition. The program focusses on game preparation, game management and basic game strategies as well as improving performance by optimising intermediate level individual and position-specific softball skills.

Level 4 - TRAINING TO WIN - provides the coach with the knowledge and skills to manage state teams and programs and to help state level players develop more advanced individual softball, position-specific and strategic skills. Focus is on optimising all aspects of preparation (physical, mental, technical, tactical, nutrition, recovery) through individualised programs; maximising performance; peaking for national competition; and managing people and resources.

Level 5 - ADVANCED PERFORMANCE – is designed to assist coaches to develop the competencies necessary to work with State senior and National junior (Under 19) level players. Coaches develop expertise in program, resource and people management; advanced skill development and analysis, positional play and game strategies, basic anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology and advanced planning and training methods.

Level 6 - HIGH PERFORMANCE – is designed to assist coaches to develop the competencies necessary to work with National senior team players in international competition. Coaches complete the University of Queensland Graduate Diploma of Elite Sports Coaching through either one year full-time (or the equivalent part-time) study, available through online learning. The Level 6 program is designed to assist coaches to augment their proven elite coaching abilities.