The Softball Community Coaching Program will help you develop great skills to assist participants to get a start in softball and keep them coming back for more. Whether you are new to the game, or are an experienced coach, SCCP will be an invaluable resource.

What is the Softball Community Coaching Program?

Softball Community Coaching Program (SCCP) is a Softball Australia initiative funded by the Australian Sports Commission to provide coaches with the appropriate information and support to deliver programs with a focus on participation and engagement.

The Program is designed to teach coaches how to deliver fun and engaging activities utilising the ‘Game Sense’ approach. In particular, it aims to help community coaches understand the basics of activity-based programs.

What is Game Sense?

The Game Sense approach introduces the skills of softball in a games-based setting, rather than the traditional drills method to develop the skills and tactics of the sport.

“By focusing on the game, rather than on technique practice, players are encouraged to become more tactically aware and make better decisions during the game, as well as beginning to think strategically about game concepts whilst developing skills within a realistic context and most importantly, having fun.” 

By using the Game Sense approach, the coach introduces the fundamental skills of softball (eg throwing, catching, hitting and running) in a non-threatening yet engaging environment. 

The Softball Community Coaching Program teaches coaches how to develop Game Sense sessions through:

  • Good planning
  • Efficient organisation
  • Effective communication
  • Coaching techniques that:
    • Maximise the involvement and enjoyment of participants
    • Establish positive relationships and deliver positive experience
    • Provide development opportunities for participants

Key Objective of the Program

The key objective is to build a coaching workforce with the appropriate training and skills to deliver community-based programs and events, such as:

  • Softball Batter Up
  • Indigenous Softball Program
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
  • Disability Softball Program
  • Sporting Schools

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the SCCP session, participants will be able to:


  • The objective of SCCP
  • The rationale behind the Game Sense approach

Plan and Prepare

  • Physical activity sessions that are relevant to all participants with a focus on participation for all abilities
  • The human and physical resources necessary to conduct the physical activity sessions (organise)


  • Structured physical activity sessions relevant to the likes, needs and abilities of the participants
  • Using communication effectively and establish positive relationships with all participants
  • Using effective time management during the physical activity sessions to maximise participation

Monitor and Review

  • Activities to suit the needs of individual participants
  • The safety of self and others and manage emergency situations


  • Their sessions, coaching technique (self-reflection) and modify as required

 SCCP Structure


How Do I Get Involved?

  • Go to
  • Register online for a session near you
  • Speak to your local association or Volunteer Community Coach Coordinator (VCCC)

What Happens Next?

Upon completion of the session, coaches will receive:

  • A visit from the VCCC
  • Feedback on their session from the VCCC
  • Ongoing support from the VCCC and National Community Coach
  • Ongoing mentoring from the VCCC
  • Coach development and training opportunities
  • Access to online resources

What Do I Get?

Upon successful completion of the session, participants receive:

  • Participant’s Guide
  • Set of 65 Softball Batter Up Activity Cards
  • Registration Card
  • USB wristband with electronic copies of all the resources
  • Access to the SCCP website. The website provides access to resources, activities, tools and ideas to deliver fun, safe and enjoyable softball for all. The website includes practical elements, such as Activity Cards, the ability to design sessions online and create lesson plans in PDF format. Coaches can choose to 'Design Your Own Activities' and upload to the website, and much more.