New website and resources

28 March 2013

The Softball Community Coaching Program website is due for launch very soon, and will include invaluable information and a variety of resources for aspiring and existing Community Coaches, in addition to currently accredited softball coaches.

The website will include practical elements, such as ‘Design your own SCCP session’, Activity Cards, ‘How to enrol in a course’, and further information on the pathway for Community Coaches who are seeking full accreditation.

The ‘Design your own SCCP sessions’ enable the user to select their preferred activities and build a session according to best practice. This is an online feature that can assist with the planning of both club training sessions and Softball Community Coaching Programs. All of the previously provided hardcopy Activity Cards will be available on the website in flexible electronic format for use. – Coming Soon!

Trish Bennett
National Community Coaching Coordinator