Manly Warringah discover SCCP/Level 1

Cathy Kerr and Jody Neilsen presented NSW’s first SCCP/Level 1 program to 18 Manly Warringah participants. The feedback was extremely positive both from the participants and the presenters.

What aspect of the course was most helpful and why?:

  • The game activities to teach to the young one’s when warming up
  • The Softball Batter up (the technical element of Level 1)
  • The game play activities were beneficial as well as the practical learning of the skills
  • Practical and take away examples
  • Loved the flash cards for training guides
  • Demonstration of the skills
  • Community coaching, learning a different focus – excited for training next week
  • How to pitch and catch
  • The fundamental skills and activities
  • All interactive was most helpful as the skills being learnt were automatically reinforced and ‘keyed’ in. Visual is an awesome way to learn – Awesome, Well done! Thank you. I learnt heaps!!

So if your club or association have been thinking about running a Level 1 Coach accreditation, give some thought to running the combined SCCP/Level 1. The participants receive two accreditations in the one program.