SCCP Activity Cards – Series 2 are now available!

Softball Australia continues to develop more resources for the grass roots softball coach.

The Softball Community Coaching Program (SCCP) Activity Cards – Series 2 are now available!

For those coaches that have already completed the Softball Community Coaching Program (SCCP), they will appreciate the value of the Activity Cards they received. The feedback from the participants has been outstanding! The cards help the coach plan their training sessions and ensure that the participants enjoy a variety of fun and engaging activities.

For members that have completed SCCP the Series 2 card set is available for $15.00 (including GST) plus postage.

There are 23 Activity Cards in Series 2:

  • 8 Starters
  • 9 Get into it 
  • 4 Winding down
  • 1 Game Sense

Now add the Softball Batter Up (SBU)’ FUNdamental skills of softball’ to your two sets of Activity Cards and you have all the information you need to train our grass roots softballers, keeping them happy, active and learning more about our great game.

SBU FUNdamental skills of softball contain all the skill elements within the Softball Australia Level 1 Coach Accreditation program. These are available to Softball Australia members for $11.00 (including GST).