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Aaron Mathews

Melbourne University Softball Club

I have been predominantly into basketball all my life, playing and coaching. I’ve become involved with my wife’s softball team and wanted to learn more about coaching so I could help out where I can and get even more involved. It was a great course for anyone thinking of coaching any sport. I was surprised to find that the skills learnt can cover the majority of sports. Things like hand eye coordination, teamwork, fitness and organization can be helpful in all sports. The outdoor activities often didn’t even include a bat, ball and glove, however I saw benefits for coaching basketball, football, soccer and of course softball.
The training staff were great, friendly and helpful and easy to follow. We also had a lot of fun with the activities and seeing them in action was a great way to learn how to set them up for the kids.
I would recommend this course to anyone starting out in coaching, for either a new sport or a sport they have played for years.

Heather Webb

Glen Waverley Softball Club

I strongly recommend the community coaching training session as a great way to become involved in softball from the beginning.

You’ll find the experience of doing this course a valuable asset when it comes to coaching or simply in gaining an understanding of softball. The course allows participants to explore the community coaching program through game sense, and supports a hands-on learning style, everyone leaves with a broad understanding of what is involved to become a softball coach.

The Program is great for all age groups and even within schools for PE. I have used the activities with Grade Two students who love the quick bursts of energy, as well as with 14 year olds who enjoy creating strategies within the games.

Overall the Program is a great way to come to understand softball. The course provides broad coaching knowledge; everyone who completes the course will leave with a wealth of information.

Clare Warwick

Aussie Spirit

Participating in the combined Softball Community Coaching Program and NCAS Level 1, was a great opportunity for us to develop our coaching skills and learn how to run this innovative program.
The program gave us the opportunity to learn a new and simple way of teaching people of all levels how to coach the skills of softball effectively in a fun and non-competitive way.
It is very motivating for an athlete to be able to run this program as they can put their own personal experiences and viewpoints into the program. The flexibility of the program allows you to do this because all of the activities and resources can be adapted in to age level and skill ability.
We want to congratulate Softball Australia on developing a great program and fantastic resources for coaches. It will enable these coaches to take their knowledge and resources back into their communities and ultimately increase participation and retention rates.
Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to implement it in the ACT!
Clare Warick – Aussie Spirit
Ilaria Pino – Softball ACT and Italian national team member